Preparing Young Granite Staters for Today’s Global Economy

By investing in public K-12 and higher education, Governor Hassan has helped ensure that young Granite Staters can develop the skills and innovative thinking they will need to compete in today’s global economy. She will keep fighting to strengthen our public education system in order to expand opportunity for our children.

  • Governor Hassan restored funding for NH’s colleges and universities, froze in-state tuition at the university system and cut tuition at our community colleges. She will continue working to make higher education more affordable for New Hampshire families.
  • She maintained funding for K-12 education and launched a Science Technology Engineering and Math Task Force to modernize STEM education in our public schools.
  • The Governor launched a new effort to partner manufacturing companies directly with classes at local schools, building relationships that can lead to a stronger workforce pipeline.
  • She increased aid for scholarships at both public and private colleges and universities.
  • Governor Hassan will continue working to ensure our children have access to a world-class education and all of the economic benefits that come with it.