“We need to ensure that quality, affordable health care is a reality for everybody here in New Hampshire, which means controlling costs and protecting successful programs like Medicare.”
– Maggie Hassan


Maggie firmly believes that we must make reducing health care costs and expanding health insurance coverage a priority here in New Hampshire.

As a State Senator, Maggie worked hard to make quality, affordable health care a reality for every Granite Stater.  In the legislature, Maggie:

  • Wrote a bill to bring transparency and fairness to health care costs across the state, which passed the Senate 24-0 and was signed into law by Governor Lynch in 2010
  • Partnered with Republicans and business leaders to replace a failed law that let insurance companies discriminate against sick workers and drove up health insurance costs for businesses across New Hampshire
  • Helped pass a law to enable children to remain on their parent’s health insurance until the age of 26
  • Sponsored Connor’s Law, which requires insurances companies to cover treatment for autism

Affordable Care Act

As governor, Maggie will bring the same priorities of lowering costs and expanding coverage back to Concord.  Maggie believes we should accept $1 billion in available federal funding to help working families afford health insurance, and will work to make sure the state is protected financially into the future.

Medicaid Managed Care

New Hampshire has passed a law and entered contracts to move to a managed care system for Medicaid.  As Governor, Maggie Hassan will establish by Executive Order an Oversight Commission to oversee the contracts and to ensure that taxpayers and health care recipients are protected.


Maggie firmly believes that we need to preserve, protect and strengthen Medicare for our seniors.  She strongly opposes the state legislature’s attempts to opt-out of Medicare, Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it, and other proposals to turn Medicare into a block grant program run by the states. She supports the current system that guarantees consistent, secure coverage to all seniors.

Women’s Health Care

Maggie has a strong record of standing up for a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and strongly opposes the legislature’s recent attacks on women’s health care, such as measures to restrict the right to choose and to defund Planned Parenthood, making services like cancer screenings, fertility treatments, and access to birth control more expensive and less available.