AP: Governor Hassan centers campaign on bipartisanship

 (AP) — Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan saw many of her legislative priorities come to fruition during her first term in office, but none without support from the Republican-led state Senate.

Serving as governor after the divisive 2010-2011 legislative session, Hassan is now making bipartisan success a key piece of her re-election message as her [Nov. 4] showdown with Republican businessman Walt Havenstein approaches.


RELEASE: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Campaigns on Education with Failed Governor Bobby Jindal, But Havenstein’s So-Called “Plan” Would Put at Risk Funding for Public Education, Including Charter Schools

Manchester—Today, failed CEO Walt Havenstein campaigned on education with failed Governor Bobby Jindal, even though Havenstein’s so-called “plan” would blow a $90 million hole in the state’s budget, putting at risk critical priorities including funding for public education. Havenstein has also voiced his support for the misguided voucher tax credit program, which diverts funding for all public schools, including public charter schools.


RELEASE: Walt Havenstein Gives Two Conflicting Stories About His Role in SAIC Scheme that Overcharged Taxpayers Millions of Dollars to Train First Responders

In the Course of One Day, Havenstein First Declared That He “Held Those Responsible Accountable and Resolved the Problem,” But Hours Later Claimed He “Never Knew About It While There”

In Contradictory Pushback, Havenstein’s Campaign Also Admits He Couldn’t Keep Track of All the Contracts at SAIC

Manchester—Yesterday, Walt Havenstein gave two completely conflicting stories about his role in an SAIC scheme that overcharged taxpayers millions of dollars to train first responders during his disastrous tenure as CEO.


Fact Check: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Takes a Page out of Failed Candidate Ovide Lamontagne’s Playbook with Latest Misleading Attack Ad

Manchester—Today, in his latest attempt to hide his disastrous record at SAIC and his Bill O’Brien/Koch Brothers agenda that would take New Hamsphire backwards, Walt Havenstein launched a misleading (and completely un-sourced) attack ad that recycles the same baseless claims that failed candidate Ovide Lamontagne tried two years ago.

As PolitiFact reported in 2012, “Lamontagne campaign officials declined to release their list of nearly 100 increases,” and PolitiFact was unable to find a source who could produce a list to backup Lamontagne’s charges.


RELEASE: Hassan Campaign Calls on Walt Havenstein to Come Clean About SAIC Scheme That Overcharged Taxpayers Millions of Dollars to Train First Responders

As CEO, Havenstein Failed to Stop “Systemic Fraud” that “Cheated the Government Out of Millions of Dollars” in Taxpayer Money to Train Emergency Personnel to Respond to a Terrorist Attack

In 2013, SAIC Settled a Whistle Blower Lawsuit for $11.75 Million Resulting from a Scheme that was Reportedly “Well-Known Among High-Level Executives”

Manchester—Highlighting another example of Walt Havenstein’s failed leadership and mismanagement, Governor Hassan’s campaign today called on Havenstein to come clean to Granite Staters about what he knew, when he knew it, and why he failed to stop SAIC’s scheme that overcharged taxpayers millions of dollars to train first responders. The AP reported that the scheme was “well-known among high-level executives.” [AP, June 13, 2013]


RELEASE: Walt Havenstein’s Clueless Responses to Questions About New Hampshire’s Budget Reinforce Why He Can’t Be Allowed to Manage our State

Havenstein Can’t Point To A Single Thing He Would Change About Governor Hassan’s Bipartisan, Fiscally Responsible Solutions

Concord – Walt Havenstein’s clueless responses to questions about New Hampshire’s budget reinforces, once again, why Havenstein can’t be allowed to run our state. At his own press conference, Havenstein failed to name a single thing that he would change about Governor Hassan’s bipartisan, fiscally responsible solutions. In an effort to rescue a flailing Havenstein, Senator Morse also criticized the bipartisan plans to end the costly mental health and Medicaid Enhancement Tax (MET) lawsuits that threatened our state’s budget and bond rating, which passed unanimously in the Senate.