RELEASE: Hassan Campaign Statement on Mount Washington Valley Economic Council Debate

North Conway—Hassan Campaign Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs released the following statement after the seventh and final gubernatorial debate, hosted by the Mount Washington Valley Economic Council in North Conway:

“Over the course of seven debates, Governor Maggie Hassan made clear that she understands the priorities that will help expand middle class opportunity, and just as importantly, she knows how to bring people together to get results for New Hampshire’s people, businesses and economy.”


RELEASE: Failed CEO Walt Havenstein Must Come Clean with Granite Staters About Why He Let SAIC Give a 5% Raise to Consultants at Heart of Massive $500 Million Fraud Scandal Over a Year Into His Troubled Tenure

Either Havenstein Was Deliberately Dishonest in WMUR Debate or He Didn’t Realize His Company Gave a Raise to The Fraudsters at Heart of CityTime Scandal with Project Already $500 Million Over Budget — Either Way, It Proves Again Why He Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Run New Hampshire


ICYMI: Keene Sentinel: “Maggie Hassan the choice for governor”

Key Point: “The state’s jobless numbers are down since she took office, and the real estate market is up. At least as importantly, tens of thousands of Granite Staters who lacked health insurance — and therefore access to care — now have it, thanks to Hassan’s support of the Affordable Care Act and the bargain she struck with Senate Republicans to expand care to those qualifying for Medicaid. [...] Moreover, she’s displayed an ability to work with a divided Legislature, compromising with GOP Senate leaders on several key issues, including Medicaid expansion, the deal that set aside the hospitals’ lawsuit and arriving at a compromise budget.”


RELEASE: Hassan Campaign Statement on Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Debate

MANCHESTER—Hassan Campaign Press Secretary Aaron Jacobs released the following statement on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce debate:

“This morning’s debate showed once again that failed CEO Walt Havenstein is either intentionally misleading voters or doesn’t understand the positions he’s pledged to the Koch Brothers he’d support. Either way, it’s not surprising that Havenstein would be clueless as to the devastating effects of his Koch ‘plan,’ after his last strategy drove SAIC into a ditch, as the company shed thousands of jobs and its stock price plummeted. Not to mention that Havenstein failed to stop overspending and massive fraud that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“Governor Hassan, on the other hand, passed the most bipartisan budget in over a decade without a sales or income tax, and through her careful budget management the state finished fiscal year 2014 with a surplus. Governor Hassan’s bipartisan leadership is moving New Hampshire’s economy in the right direction, and Granite Staters can’t afford to let Havenstein do to the state what he did to SAIC.”